About Film Festival PLUS

For the Love of Films

Have you ever missed a great film at the Festival? Timing issues, sold out, too many choices?  We’ve missed out. On all the above.

This was the inspiration for this new system.
Film Festival PLUS extends your film festival to enable viewing films after-hours. At home... or from anywhere.

Film lovers ourselves, we enjoy a good one almost every night in our home theatre. Best viewing quality and easy access are both important to us. We admire the craft, creativity and art of filmmaking and desired easier access to watch independent films. Thus: Film Festival PLUS!

Our California design firm AzureFire, has been developing web and app based applications for over 16 years. We value user-friendly design with the best possible technology and security. This new app makes it easy to access films, while safeguarding them from downloading and also blocks password sharing for multiple users.