How to use Film Festival PLUS

It’s easy:

To watch film festival films at home or on your device:

1  Get an All-Film Pass or a Single-Ticket Pass from your participating film festival.

2  Activate your Pass code on or directly from your film festival website.

3  So now you have access in one of 2 ways:

  • With an All-Film Pass you can watch all festival films.
  • With a Single-Ticket Pass you can buy individual tickets. (purchased online or in-app).

Each Pass will let you connect up to 2 devices.

Watch on TV or Home Theater:

Stream films from your device - iPad, iPhone, Android or computer to your TV as usual.

Films are streamed in best possible quality: up to 4k to any device.

For your home theater experience you can project the films to your home screen in your usual way, or use Film Festival PLUS app with your Apple TV. 

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