Your Online Screening Room

We provide Hybrid and Virtual Film Festival Solutions

Film Festival PLUS enhances your festival:

  • Your audience can choose when and where to watch.
  • Films available 24/7 during the festival.
  • You can choose for Festival PLUS to extend viewing a few days for audience to watch the winners or films they’ve missed online.
  • Easy-to-use, secure system with minimal setup on your end.
  • More revenue for the festival and more exposure for the film makers.
  • Backup/Disaster plan - You can choose either a fully online or a hybrid festival
  • Alternative for audience to watch from home or remotely.

Features and Technology

  • Watch on TV, a mobile device or a computer on all modern browsers
  • Also available on Apple TV.
  • Web App accessible as a plugin directly on your website and/or on
  • Films delivered in a streaming format up to 4k from a high performance - secure cloud platform.
  • Each account allows activation of up to two devices, preventing sharing of film passes.
  • Films only available to the audience during Festival+ dates.
  • User can rate the films.
  • View film trailers.
  • Add badges to highlight award winners or promote films.
  • Live streams, recordings of panel discussions and events, etc. can also be included.

Passes and Tickets

Film Festival PLUS is an add-on to your festival. The festival determines all the pricing and rules for passes. Only an audience which has purchased a film festival product can access either Festival+ option:

All-Film Pass to be sold by your festival either as an add-on or with all-inclusive pass.

Single Tickets Passallows the film festival audience access to purchase individual tickets for online or in-app viewing. Ticket sales are automated and handled by us.

We provide an easy, quick online tool for the festival to issue and administer All-Film and Single_tickets passes. The passes are each activated with a unique 8-digit code. Each Pass can be activated from the buyer on a maximum of two devices at any time.

Get started

It’s easy: the setup of FilmFestival PLUS is all done by us. You need only upload the films and descriptions onto a dedicated Dropbox. Almost all film file formats are accepted and will be converted into a streaming format. The categories and order of films will match your setup.

You will determine the pricing and sales of the All-Film passes.
You also define the prices of individual tickets sold online by Film Festival PLUS.

We deliver tools and generate reports for pass activation, Ticket+ sales, film ratings and number of views.

Tools for festival organizers

Film Festival PLUS can integrate with your website; our festival plugin is simple to install with a provided iFrame script. The audience can activate the Pass+ and watch and rate films either in the plugin on or on Apple TV.

For administration we offer these tools on our website:

  • Pass generator - to issue All-Film and Single-Tickets Passes with email, copy and print options
  • Pass activation report
  • Ticket+ sales report
  • Film ratings and views report


We offer a flexible fee structure, adjustable to the specifics of your festival.

General outline for fees:
Setup: Festival $390
Setup: per feature film $25
Setup: per short film $10
Setup: per live stream event $75
All-Film Pass+: $3 per pass
Single-Tickets Pass+: Free

Ticket+ sales: You receive 90% of Ticket+ sales on our website. and 60% of the sales from In-App purchases on Apple TV (Apple charges 30% and FF+ charges 10%)

Non-profit discount 15%, available to 501(c)3 organizations.


Contact us for a demo - We will send you a couple of film passes (codes) to our DEMO Festival, so you can experience how the system works for the audience.

We are happy to Zoom with you for questions about the system and specific needs for your festival.

Contact us for Demo